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The Lion Brothers head to London in June to compete in the best emerging NFC concept.

NFC Forum is an international organisation with the goal of promoting the global use of NFC. NFC means Near Field Communication, and it’s familiar from, for example, contactless payments where you pay for your shopping just by showing your banking card at the checkout. NFC Awards is an annual competition with three different series.

Read more on NFC Forum and the competition here.

Haarnio Oy is a finalist in the Best Emerging Concept series

This year’s finalists in the Best Emerging Concept series come from India, France and Finland. Haarnio’s concept is clearly the broadest, while the other competitors’ concepts are more technical. Haarnio’s concept includes a printed tag, the DesignTag® smart tag, service software and Digital Signage screens.

Our concept allows customers to manage data that is shared with the end user per target. We have put a lot of effort into the user experience, appeal and functionality for the end user reading data on a smartphone.

The concept has been implemented with the previous software for a few years already, but with the new service software coming out in the summer of 2018, we can offer powerful visual tools and genuine data management to our customers.

Click here to read the press release on the finalists.

The Lion Brothers

During a business class (sometime in 1995), a consultant was shaking his head and repeating “this can’t be true”. It was because there were not supposed to be any innovative people in that class, let alone two, and definitely not brothers.

Haarnio’s employees are used to seeing this innovativeness in meetings as the Lion Brothers compete over the best idea.

When designing the new concept, the innovativeness was shared by dividing the company into two: basic production and a development group for innovation. The result is a really fine concept that all of Finland can be proud of.

How can you participate?

Check out the smart sign concept on our websites:

... and consider if this could be the solution for your most urgent needs.

If it is, contact us and let’s see what we can do for you.

Jari Haarnio


Haarnio Oy


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