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Saving businesses

Haarnios’ purpose is to save and help

When everything seems to collapse we need a God given purpose as a strategy. That has lead us to save and to give an example to several things as shown under.

Saving our planet

We say in marketing “to be seen = to be alive” or “if you can’t find our company = we do not exist”. That leads companies to contest who has the biggest billboard or who is on the top when it comes to search engines.

We in Haarnio have another look, less is more, if you have a point of service.

That means a lot of less waste, a lot less.

Saving the printing manufacturing

Classic outbound marketing is nowadays almost only the thing you must have but not the thing you can rely on. The real interest is in the web and social media by using inbound marketing tools.

The only way to save prints and digital signage is to combine those to web. Our DesignTag® is developed to be a point of service that the end user can read in their own smartphones.

Saving SME

How on earth a small SME-company from nowhere could go to the London as a finalist “Best Emergency Concept”. We will tell, if you want to listen.

Saving our customers’ customers

In this competition the winner is the one that has the most satisfied customers. By DesingTag®-service sign and software = Smart-Signage you can save your customers time and nerves and give them a good user experience.

Helping to keep control

Artificial intelligence (AI) is in hype mood right now. The articles say you need to start now, knowing that the income is hope to come in the future. Who will guarantee what will happen with AI and who will have the control to answers it will give. Our Smart Signage concept is in your hand, you will be the driver.

Do you want to take a part in our hit? Please send your thoughts and hopes and let us try to surprise you.

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